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Well.come® is your multilingual Personal Concierge. Provide your guests with all useful information digitally, quickly and easily.

  • The services of your accommodation always on hand
  • Qualitative selection of events and venues on the territory
  • Proposals and conventions of your accommodation
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The right service at the right time for our hotel! Thanks to Well.come we were able to reduce the workload of our operators, improving the service offered to our guests, who spontaneously welcomed the convenience of the web-app with interest.

Francesca Sari - Manager Parkhotel Junior
Quarto d’Altino, Venezia

How it works

Upon check-in at your accommodation, the guest finds an invitation to access the Personal Concierge Well.come®
By scanning a QR code the guest accesses the Personal Concierge Well.come®, customised for your accommodation
At any time during the stay, the guest can get information and take advantage of the services and benefits offered by your accommodation
The guest finds and interacts with a qualitative proposal of places, events and activities in the area carefully selected and updated by our team
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